Rediscovering Heirloom Botanicals

Any plant with a positive historical heritage may be called an “heirloom botanical”. These useful plants, especially aromatic herbs and flowers, have been prominently featured in important life situations throughout history… helping to celebrate special events, recognize accomplishments, treat ailments, console the grieving, and of course, express love and affection.

Over time, many of these wonderfully beneficial plants have been marginalized, forgotten and gradually replaced with modern, artificial alternatives. We are now realizing that many of these man-made replacements are negatively affecting our health and spirit.

Do you recognize this healing herb? © 2019, Colonial Botanicals
Do you recognize this healing herb?
© 2019, Colonial Botanicals

If you are re-evaluating your way of life, trying to regain a sense of well-being and looking to strengthen your relationship with nature, it is the perfect time to rediscover these amazing gifts. Heirloom botanicals are treasures that are inherently practical and easy to use.

Colonial Botanicals shows you how to invite heirloom botanicals into your life with small, simple steps. Browse around, share your thoughts and let’s get started improving your life.

The kiss of the sun
for pardon.
The song of the birds

for mirth.
One is nearer

God's heart
in a garden
than anywhere else

on earth.

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